The Onboarding Process

The most common question we get from interested partners (like you!) is What happens when I sign up? The short answer is we don’t abandon you or fleece you of your money. You are now our partner!

When you sign-up, the first month is $75 for unlimited users. Starting the second month, you are billed $75 per month per user. This means you have the first month to ramp up to full use. Nice, right?

We will immediately contact you to help identify the features that work best for your situation, get them setup right and make sure your employees know how to use them. All done at no extra cost! If you’re using spreadsheets to manage prospects and leads, we’ll import those for free too.

We are so sure of OA Mobile and our commitment to you, our partner, that we don’t require any contract. You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time.

Once the first month is over, we will check in from time to time to make sure everything is running smoothly and help identify how you can benefit from OA Mobile even more. You can also contact our USA-based support via phone or email. All for free.

We know what you’re thinking… Once again, all of that sounds great, but What does my daily life with OA Mobile look like?


The Onboarding Process

“My nine employees got OA Mobile up and running the first day.”

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