Feature List

Here are some of the features in OA Mobile:

Basic Contact Information

Unlimited Addresses
Unlimited Phone Numbers
Unlimited Email Addresses
Unlimited Websites
Custom Fields: text, numeric, date, etc.
Public Notes
Private Notes
Categories and Subcategories

Contact Organization

Create Unlimited Custom Fields: text, numeric, date, etc.
Create Unlimited Categories and Subcategories
Duplicate checking for new contacts
My Phone Book to separate your frequently used contacts

Contact Search

Simple A-Z Search
Phone Number
Area Code
Street Address
Location (City, State, etc.)
Custom Field
Category and Subcategory
Create Date
Last Edit Date
My Phone Book
Prospects Only

Activity Log

Log for any contact, not just prospects
Clean, interactive Activity Log on each contact’s review screen
Made and received calls
Sent and received emails
Sent and received texts
To Dos
Prospect Open and Close dates
Prospect progress events and dates
Email Marketing emails
Lead Alerts
General comments
Create templates for frequently sent emails and texts
Call Rating system for Great, Good, Bad calls
Text mode for copying part or all of the log

Prospect/Lead Management

Auto-updated Spreadsheet
Rolling Call List to quickly make several calls
Prospecting Dashboard
Automated Keep-in-Touch emails
Email Marketing
Lead Alerts
Simple, automated pipeline creation
Simple Call Rating system to quickly identify interest and overall progress
Multi-user for assigning tasks, prospects, etc.
Various Reports and Views to monitor any user
Fill-in for, or assist, other users

Prospect Spreadsheet

Automatically updated with the latest prospect information
Filter by any search, including Category, Location, etc.
Last contact date is automatically tracked
Next To Do date is automatically tracked
Flags high importance prospects
Automatically identifies prospects that are ‘falling through the cracks’
Sortable by last contact date, next to do date, pipeline goal, etc.
Make and log calls directly from the spreadsheet
Color code each user for easy distinction
Multi-user to enable teamwork

Rolling Call List

Designed to quickly make calls from your smartphone
Works on desktops too
Automatically moves the last made call to the bottom of the list
Flags high importance prospects/leads
Automatically logs the call
Call Rating system for Left Message, No Connection, and Great, Good, Bad calls
Expand to a partial view of the contact, or a full view
Filter by any search, including Category, Location, etc.
Add an entire category of contacts at once


Day View
Week Agenda View
Week Schedule View
Month View
Day Columns for side-by-side user calendars
Week Schedule Columns for side-by-side user calendars
Color code each user for easy distinction
General Appointments and To Dos
Appointments and To Dos linked to contacts and prospects
Flag High Priority items
Set Due Dates
Include Notes


Always up-to-date, uses live data
Interactive to drill down to details
View reports for any user
Detailed Prospect Status report includes Next To Dos, Last 30 days, and more
Phone Call graph reports of Great Calls, Good Calls, and more
User Activity report for phone calls, appointments, etc.
And more!

Email Marketing

Fully integrated to the CRM
Automated Keep-in-Touch emails
We design the first Keep-in-Touch email… free!
Advanced email marketing
Easy to use HTML email editor
Automatically resizes images, easier for you and faster loading emails
Automatically flags bad and bounced emails
Automatically maintains an unsubscribe list
Lead Alerts to instantly notify you when someone is interested
Subscribe form
Various reports on email campaign results

Quick Notes

Like Post-it notes that you can access anywhere
Part of the CRM app
Quickly enter random notes
Color code a note
Search for notes by subject or full text
Organize into unlimited folders
Share with any other user as ‘full access’ or ‘read only’
Password protect and encrypt any note


OA Mobile support
OA Mobile email marketing
Most phone dialers
Most text/sms apps
Most email clients


100% USA Company
100% USA Hosted
100% USA Developers
100% USA Support
We don’t sell data to third parties
End-to-end encryption
Hosted firewall protection
Hosted in a “disaster-free zone”
Secure credit card encryption

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Feature List

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