The Power of 5TM

OA Mobile is the best solution to qualify your prospects, and then successfully close your qualified prospects. It's designed specifically for small business to close more sales starting day 1.

The difference maker for OA Mobile is 5. That's right, 5. There are 5 things OA Mobile does better than anything else. The 5 things that are essential to closing more sales. This is the difference between slogging through time and money (yes, the other guys) and the lightning-fast OA Mobile.

We didn't get here by accident. Since 1990, we've been designing small business software used by millions worldwide. OA Mobile started as something for us to use internally, and it's awesome! And then... 5! Read on to learn the Power of 5TM.


Why It Works

“OA Mobile is a difference maker for us. Just incredible.”

#1 Immediate ROI

For a very long time now, we've provided real solutions for small businesses like yours. We know how important it is to get up to speed immediately. No expensive consultants or startup costs. Not OA Mobile. Not ever. OA Mobile is the Signup-and-GoTM experience everyone wants but can never find. Your ROI starts immediately!

Just how easy is OA Mobile? It's easier than what you're doing now. In fact, it's so easy, you'll actually use it. Really. One customer told us it's as easy as picking up a pencil. Music to our ears!

Our number one goal is to make sure OA Mobile always provides a great experience, starting day 1. We accomplish that by focusing on a layered, user-driven design, unique to OA Mobile. You're going to love it. You know what else you're going to love? Keep reading and find out!



Instant Success

“My nine employees got OA Mobile up and running the first day.”

#2 To Your Phone and Back

OA Mobile provides an incredibly smooth transition from mobile to office to smart phone to desktop. You feel comfortable from the very beginning. It invites you to take advantage of every minute of the day to make more money.

Every OA Mobile design decision centers on your experience, both in and out of the office. After 30 years of listening to our small business customers, we know it takes true dedication and resolve to remain principled in design. We do it for you. Every day.

It's part of our DNA, a company creed even, to make sure OA Mobile is the very best at giving you the opportunity to make more money anytime, anywhere. You'll appreciate the difference and love the freedom of OA Mobile. OK, move on to #3 and get down and dirty!



To Your Phone and Back

“The phone and the desktop are the same. Unreal.”

#3 The Organization Paradox

We recognize your prospects can come from anywhere. Referrals, phone calls, networking, even selling more to existing customers. From day 1, OA Mobile makes sure your company handles all of them without fail. Use OA Mobile and you can't miss out on sales.

Simply put, OA Mobile tracks all activities done with a prospect and what needs to be done next. The intuitive system ensures both unqualified and qualified prospects are never lost or forgotten, no matter how many. After just a few minutes, you will truly wonder how you managed without OA Mobile.

OA Mobile succeeds at making more money by landing on the right side of the Organization Paradox: It's easy to make organization hard, but very hard to make organization easy. We make it easy. So, so easy. It's what we're good at. Guess what? We're also good at #4.



The Organization Paradox

“In the first week we closed a prospect we normally would have forgotten about.”

#4 All For One...

And one for all! Yay team! OK. Let's be honest. Teamwork is complicated. But when it works, it's a beautiful sight. Get OA Mobile, get beautiful.

OA Mobile makes it easy to work in teams to close sales. Want to share and assign tasks with co-workers? No problem. Someone taking personal time or on vacation? Piece of cake. OA Mobile takes the natural approach to teamwork. Make it easy to, well... make it easy!

Turn teamwork problems into solutions to get the most out of your team. It works for us and it will work for you. When you make a sale, we feel good. It's a win-win! Now the final piece of the puzzle, #5.



All For One

“We immediately went from a mostly random process to working as a team closing sales.”

#5 Know Everything

Become the business owner that knows everything without actually knowing everything. Huh? Here's the trick. It's having the ability to know whatever you want, when you want it. When it comes to closing sales, OA Mobile is all you need.

With OA Mobile, you'll know exactly what's happening with every prospect in the company. In real time! For teams from 1 to 100, live reports and prospect logs tell you everything! These pre-configured reports are great for sales meetings, identifying your best prospects and more!

Whether it's from your desktop or your smart phone, stay in control of your business. We are committed to making you feel, and be, in control of your business and sales team.

You will make more money and feel good about how you do it. OA Mobile is for you. Now you know the Power of 5TM.

What are you waiting for? Start closing more sales now!

Pricing and Signup-and-GoTM


Know Everything

“The live reports always let me know exactly what's happening with our prospects.”

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