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OA Mobile’s built-in prospect management is designed to increase revenue for small businesses like yours. What makes it so effective? The OA Mobile Spreadsheet and Call List.

Whether you are looking for new customers, repeat business or just keeping your existing customers happy, the Spreadsheet and Call List keep every prospect organized, automatically updated and ready for you to reach out.

The Spreadsheet is where all your active prospects appear and are partitioned into Pages. We start you off with Pages based on the contact lists we’ve imported for you. For example, ‘Prospects’, ‘Long Term Prospects’ and ‘Customers’. You can add, remove and rename Pages at any time.

Each contact in the Spreadsheet includes relevant information like Key Information, Goal, Next To Do and Last Contact Date. Unlike standard spreadsheets, the OA Mobile Spreadsheet values are automatically updated based on your activity. You’ll never lose track of potential revenue again!

The Call List is for those prospects on your Spreadsheet that you haven’t engaged and want to call, text or email in rapid succession. The Call List layout and functionality is designed specifically for quick and easy use on your smartphone.

The Call List prospects appear in ‘Last Contact Date’ order with the most recently contacted at the bottom of the list. The ‘oldest’ one is at the top, ready for you to contact. After you call, text or email, the prospect is automatically moved to the bottom of the list. This way the prospect at the top of the list is always the next one to contact. Easy!

The OA Mobile Spreadsheet is prospect management made easy. Does OA Mobile have an easy way to get prospects? You bet!

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Increase Revenue

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