Make Your Smart Phone Smarter!

OA Mobile increases your revenue with the only prospect manager that works the way you think. Guaranteed! It's the risk-free solution that implements the intuitive processes you struggle to do now on both your smart phone and desktop.

The spreadsheet-like interface makes it easy to rotate through your prospect call list and follow up with anyone that is interested. Everything is tracked and nothing falls through the cracks. You can even assign tasks to other people in the company to help close sales. We also help you stay in control of your business with real-time reports on every prospect and sales person.

You can do all this on day one! No training, nothing to configure! As the days roll by, you’ll discover even more things you can do. Stop using spreadsheets and sticky notes to manage prospects. With OA Mobile, you can literally turn your company into a selling machine overnight.

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How It Works

“It just works. OA Mobile is every small business owner’s dream.”

Getting Started is Easy

At the heart of OA Mobile is the Prospect Spreadsheet. It's so easy it's like picking up a pencil.

Just add a prospect to your spreadsheet. The prospect automatically appears in the call list. Make the call now or later when you're ready.

If you don’t connect just leave the prospect on the call list so you can call them later. The call list automatically rotates prospects with the most recently called at the bottom.

Let’s say you connect and the prospect is interested. Great! Simply promote the prospect to your to do list where you can schedule any follow up activities and assign tasks to others.

Finally, if your prospect is not interested, with one click move the prospect to the 'inactive' page of the spreadsheet. Now you won't waste even a second of time managing the uninterested person.

It’s that easy to get started! Read on to see how OA Mobile helps you stay in control of your business.



Getting Started is Easy

“I admit that I'm a tech dummy. But the cold call list is so intuitive, even a guy like me can't get lost.”

Stay in Control

OA Mobile’s real-time reports are just what you need to be informed and stay in control of your business. Since everything is automatically tracked, you’ll know exactly what’s going on right now with any prospect or sales person.

The prospect log is clean. Very clean. It shows you everything about the prospect’s sales process in one concise report. This includes the ‘who, what, when and where’ of everything that has been done and will be done, plus a whole lot more. Like all our reports, the prospect log is dynamic. A simple click can reveal insight into what’s really important for closing the sale.

The slick sales person report is easy on the eyes and displays a summary of every prospect for any sales person. This includes important facts about the prospect, recently completed items, and what’s coming up next. No longer do your sales people need to spend time preparing for a sales meeting. It’s all done for them!

These reports and more are built into OA Mobile and ready to go from day one. You will be impressed. This isn’t all OA Mobile can do. Click ‘next’ to read more.



Stay in Control

“A quick refresher with the prospect log and it's like we just talked 5 minutes ago. So dang easy.”

Everything You Need

As you use OA Mobile, you’ll discover many more features and solutions to help your business prosper. We’ve learned a lot about small business needs over the last 30 years!

The first thing most customers notice is that OA Mobile works and looks the same on all your devices. It’s baffling to us that so many companies treat desktops, tablets and phones like different products. With OA Mobile, you’re able to seamlessly transition between your devices. (Teaser… fan favorite… the ‘Show Desktop’ menu option in our phone app. You’re going to love it.)

Need to reassign a prospect? No problem. Got canned texts or emails you send often? Piece of cake. Need labels for a physical mailer? Nice! It can even… OK. We don’t want to blow your mind, so we’ll stop there. You get the idea.

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Everything You Need

“It wasn't long until I realized OA Mobile has so much more to offer. It has really helped my company grow.”

It’s No Risk, and It Works!

You’re going to love OA Mobile. Once you have it, you’ll appreciate the dedication to detail and customer satisfaction that we strive for every day.

We hate products with ‘gotcha’ moments. That’s why OA Mobile costs nothing up front other than the monthly subscription fee. Even that has our 30-day money back guarantee. OA Mobile is designed for the ‘out of the box’ experience. This means you’ll easily get going on your own with no setup, training or consulting costs. Also, our intuitive design means you’ll just get it.

If you can’t figure it out on your own, just contact our support. It’s free! We’re here to help.

Truly OA Mobile is an amazing product that can do a lot for your business. Starting day one!

Fun fact: In the amount of time it takes you to peruse our website, you could have been up and running with OA Mobile.

And now for something completely different... Why OA Mobile?

Why OA Mobile


It’s No Risk, and It Works!

“I read the website. No consultants? No way. But it's true! These guys know how to design a product.”

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