OA Mobile + Fun = Money

We think contacting prospects and making more money should be fun and easy.

OA Mobile packs big results into an intuitive system designed for small business owners and their team. Business owners and managers always know exactly what’s happening with their team and prospects. The entire office closes more sales, faster. Who doesn’t want that?

It’s a safe choice! We hate products with ‘gotcha’ moments. That’s why OA Mobile costs nothing up front other than the monthly subscription fee. Even that has our 30-day money back guarantee.

We’ve spent over 30 years designing products that just work. This means no setup, training or consulting costs. If you can’t figure it out on your own, just contact our support. It’s free! We’re here to help.

(Fun fact: In the amount of time it takes you to peruse our website, you could have been up and running with OA Mobile.)

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How It Works

“I read the website. No consultants? No way. But it's true! These guys know how to design a product.”

Ditch Your Spreadsheet

Why are you still using spreadsheets to manage prospects? Using a spreadsheet alone is a disaster. OA Mobile to the rescue!

Deciphering a spreadsheet grid just to decide what to do next is the opposite of fun and easy. What a mess! The proven methods of OA Mobile bubble up the right prospects, activities and information automatically. No more mental gymnastics, just the fun part of making a connection… and more money!

It’s a new world and being mobile is part of it. In fact, we think the freedom of ‘mobile’ is so important, we put it in the name. OA Mobile not only makes prospecting from anywhere, anytime possible, it makes it trivial. A simple spreadsheet just can’t. You’ll see.

Turn prospects into real people, not just line items. Imagine everything about each prospect right at your fingertips. Organized, concise and complete. Come across like a good, helpful friend rather than a nuisance to avoid.

Whether for you or your team, OA Mobile is the solution.

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How It Works

“It just works. OA Mobile is every small business owner’s dream.”

Every Day is Simple

OA Mobile works the way you think.

Wouldn’t it be great if prospecting was only the fun stuff? Connecting and working with people interested in what you offer? That’s the OA Mobile system.

Let’s check out how OA Mobile makes prospecting simple and fun.

You go into OA Mobile, check your To Do List and do what’s on the list. Easy! These are people already interested, and they want to hear from you today!

Then, whenever is good for you, call the first person (or more) on your Rolling Call List. These are the people you’d like to connect with. Remember, it’s mobile, so you can make these calls from anywhere.

Whenever you get a new prospect, just add the person to the Prospect Spreadsheet and let OA Mobile do the rest.

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How It Works

“To say 'getting started is easy' is an understatement. Wow!”

To Do or Not To Do?

That is the question. OA Mobile has the answer!

It all starts with the OA Mobile Spreadsheet. Wait… what? Yup, we keep the simple list and overview of the familiar spreadsheet, but move the day-to day activities to the To Do List and the Rolling Call List. Hey, spreadsheets are great at spreadsheet-ing!

Now let’s talk about the To Do List. Only the prospects that need to be dealt with today are listed. Organized in a clean format that are easily knocked off one at a time from a desktop or smart phone. What’s not on today? Everyone else!

When a to do is done, just log what happened and set what to do next. Or not. OA Mobile is very forgiving and never lets a prospect fall through the cracks.

It’s incredible how OA Mobile removes the clutter and makes it all clear and easy.

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How It Works

“I didn't realize how much I loathed my old spreadsheet. OA Mobile removes the pain and leaves the fun!”

Make Connecting Fun Again

The Rolling Call List is where all the fun starts. It’s so easy it’s like picking up a pencil.

This is the list of prospects you think should want what you offer, but just haven’t connected with yet. These calls can even be made by a ‘qualifier’ that hands interested prospects off to someone else.

It’s simple. Call the first prospect on the list. OA Mobile even has a feature where you can flip the dialing from your desktop computer to your smartphone!

Let’s say you connect and the prospect is interested. Great! Simply schedule any follow up activities and assign tasks to others. Maybe also follow up with a thank you email. (Save it in OA Mobile to use again!) Now the person will appear on your To Do List on the scheduled day.

If you don’t connect, do nothing. The prospect automatically rotates to the bottom of the Rolling Call List.

That’s the basics of the Rolling Call List. No thinking, just connect, have fun and make money. It’s what we all want. Right?

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Stay in Control

“I admit that I'm a tech dummy. But the rolling call list is so intuitive, even a guy like me can't get lost.”

Stay in Control

Owners and managers love OA Mobile’s real-time reports. It’s just what you need to be informed and stay in control of your business. Since everything is automatically tracked, you know exactly what’s going on right now with your team and prospects.

The prospect log is clean. Very clean. It shows you everything about the prospect’s sales process in one concise report. This includes the ‘who, what, when and where’ of everything that has been done and will be done, plus a whole lot more. Like all our reports, the prospect log is dynamic. A simple click can reveal insight into what’s really important for closing the sale.

The slick sales report is easy on the eyes and displays a summary of every prospect for any person on your team. This includes important facts about the prospect, recently completed items, and what’s coming up next. Your team no longer needs to spend time preparing for a meeting. It’s all done for them!

These reports and more are built into OA Mobile and ready to go from day one. You will be impressed. This isn’t all OA Mobile can do.

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Stay in Control

“A quick refresher with the prospect log and it's like we just talked 5 minutes ago. So dang easy.”

Everything You Need

As you use OA Mobile, you’ll discover many more features and solutions to help your business prosper. We’ve learned a lot about small business needs over the last 30 years!

The first thing most customers notice is that OA Mobile works and looks the same on all your devices. It’s baffling to us that so many companies treat desktops, tablets and phones like different products. With OA Mobile, you’re able to seamlessly transition between your devices. (Teaser… fan favorite… the ‘Show Desktop’ menu option in our phone app. You’re going to love it.)

Need to reassign a prospect? No problem. Got canned texts or emails you send often? Piece of cake. Need labels for a physical mailer? Nice! It can even… OK. We don’t want to blow your mind, so we’ll stop there. You get the idea.

Truly OA Mobile is an amazing product that can do a lot for your business. Starting day one!

And now for something completely different... Why OA Mobile?

Why OA Mobile


It’s No Risk, and It Works!

“It wasn't long until I realized OA Mobile has so much more to offer. It has really helped my company grow.”

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