Your Business Card Email

What the heck is this? Well, it’s pretty simple. It’s an email that we create for you and automatically send to your select contacts to remind them you exist and what you do.

We use your website and social media sites to create an attractive email that includes your company logo, name, contact information, the basics of what you do, and links to your website and social media. It’s like a business card, which is why we call it your Business Card Email!

Then we send it out to your list of contacts (up to 2500), again, reminding them you exist and what you do. Then we do it again, every month. OA Mobile automatically manages bad addresses and unsubscribes, provides a new subscriber page, and more. It’s a full-featured email marketing system.

Does this work? Yes! This program is designed for the people you already know to contact you (instead of your competition) when they need what you offer. For many of our customers, it even generates direct sales.

As a bonus, you get an instant Lead Alert letting you know when someone clicks on the link in the email to go to your website or social media. It’s up to you to decide if you want to contact them right away to gauge their immediate interest.

Every time the email goes out, you get live reports on open rates, click throughs and more. You know ‘who’ and ‘how many’ of what’s happening in real time.

This is a really powerful feature that we do for you at no extra cost. But the real power of a CRM is when you get everyone involved!

Get Everyone Involved

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Your Business Card Email

“The live reports always let me know exactly what's happening.”

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