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Close business anytime, anywhere from your smartphone and desktop.

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It’s a game changer!

See if OA Mobile is the right fit for you.

  • Do you have sales prospects?
  • Do you use your smartphone for business?
  • Do you try to connect with prospects by phone?
  • Do you sell directly to decision makers?

IF YOU ANSWERED YES - OA Mobile is a game changer. Sales will soar and your business will never be the same.


Close business… anytime, anywhere.

Closing Business is in the Palm of Your Hand

OA Mobile is the easiest and fastest way to close prospects. Here’s how.

With phone in hand, simply tap ‘Add Prospect’ to add the name, phone number, etc., then select the sales goal and interest level if any. Automatically you’re prompted for your next action. Actions include: call now, schedule a call, send an email and more. Your actions automatically appear on your prospect to do list on the day you select.

When the time is right, pop into to your Prospect To Do List to keep your prospects moving forward and close more business.

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The Focus is YOU.

The Perfect Design for One-On-One Sales

The Mobile Advantage

Gain the competitive advantage with the perfect one-on-one mobile sales process. Whether you spend 1 or 50 hours a week on sales, OA Mobile makes every minute count.

Works the Way You Do

OA Mobile learns from you! As you use OA Mobile, it adjusts itself to work the way you do.

Share It

View and share prospects with any co-worker. Vacation time, no problem. Quickly and easily move a prospect from one co-worker to another.

Prospect To Do List

We combine the activities of each Prospect Sales Log to create an easy-to-use, daily Prospect To Do List. You don’t have to remember anything since OA Mobile remembers for you. What to do now and what to do next, you are always covered.

Any Device, Anywhere

OA Mobile works great and looks beautiful on any smartphone, tablet or computer. Wherever you go your prospect to do list is with you.

Safe and Trustworthy

Since 1991 companies world-wide have trusted us with their data. Unlike other internet services your data is never sold, rented or otherwise available to anyone. It is your critical asset and we keep it that way.

Intelligent Email Marketing

With OA Mobile, create email newsletters, custom email templates and marketing campaigns that keep you in front of your clients and prospects. Advertise your current offers and OA Mobile will let you know who is interested so you can easily add them to your Prospect Manager to follow-up.

Mailing Lists Made Easy

Easily create and organize your mailing lists like no other product. Since its beginnings in 1991, our award-winning designs make for the best address book ever.

Categorize You Contacts

Organize your contacts your way with categories and sub-categories. Create categories for occupations, events, products or anything else you can think of.

Your competitive advantage!

Your path to new sales starts today!

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Established in 1990