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OA Mobile

“I decided to try OA Mobile because of the money back guarantee, low cost and the ability to cancel at any time. There was no risk. Now I would never let OA Mobile go!”

Why OA Mobile?

“The reports in OA Mobile let me know exactly what's happening with our prospects. It's fantastic!”

Get Organized

Before OA Mobile

Small businesses often use spread sheets, documents and sticky notes to manage prospects. It's a mess!

After OA Mobile

OA Mobile keeps your prospects organized and all in one place. Everything is available on all your devices from anywhere.

Contact Review

“My nine employees got OA Mobile up and running the first day. Our productivity went through the roof.”

Increase Revenue

Before OA Mobile

Business owners lose sales when prospects fall through the cracks.

After OA Mobile

OA Mobile tracks all activities done with a prospect and what needs to be done next. Prospects are never lost.

Prospect Next Action

“Almost overnight with OA Mobile, we went from a nearly random process to working as a cohesive team closing sales. Thanks OA Mobile!”

The Mobile Advantage

Before OA Mobile

When sales reps are out of the office, they are disconnected and can't work on their prospects.

After OA Mobile

The world is going mobile. So should your business. OA Mobile makes it easy to handle your prospect to do list from anywhere. Take advantage of every minute of the day.

Prospect To Do List

“My sales reps get so much more done in a day without putting in more time. OA Mobile is amazing!”

Improve Teamwork

Before OA Mobile

Employee workflow in small businesses is ad hoc, especially when dealing with prospects.

After OA Mobile

With OA Mobile, share and assign tasks with co-workers. It’s easy to work in teams to close sales. When someone is out sick, simply assign their prospects or tasks to someone else.

Prospect Next Action

“In the first week we closed a prospect we normally would have forgotten about. OA Mobile is tremendous.”

Peace of Mind

Before OA Mobile

Many business owners don’t know exactly what prospects they have and what is being done with them.

After OA Mobile

Reports and prospect logs let you know exactly what is happening with every prospect in real time. Stay in control of your business.

Prospect Report

“Now I know everything that is going on with every prospect in my company. OA Mobile is every small business owner’s dream.”

OA Mobile Features

Looking for something specific? Check our feature list or contact us if you don't see it listed!


No setup fees

Monthly subscription

Cancel at any time

Money back guarantee


All support in the USA

Free phone support

Free email support

Free online user guide

Free tutorials and videos


Data hosted in the USA

30 years in business

Your data is never shared

Industry standard encryption and security

Automatic data backups


Free iPhone app

Free Android app

Works in every browser

Designed for desktops, tablets and mobile phones

Zoom setting for default text size


Daily task list

Set prospect goals

Set prospect interest level

Logs all prospect activity

Prospect current status report by user

User activity report by day, week and month

Share and assign tasks

Print detailed reports


Unlimited contacts

Unlimited addresses, phones and emails per contact

Custom categories and subcategories

Private and public notes

Unlimited custom fields

Print labels

Print address books

Integrated to Google Maps and Directions


Send texts

Send emails

Make calls

Save frequently used text messages

Save frequently used email templates

Search By

First name, last name and company

Category and subcategory

Phone number




Recent contacts

And much more...


Share calendars

Day, week and month views

Side by side multiple calendar views

Color coded calendars

Link items to a prospect or contact

Print day, week, month views

“My sales reps are never in the office. OA Mobile makes it easy!”

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